Together for Life trains future unionists in the Call Center Sector

Lexoni: Albanian

Together for Life Association hosted the first training with the group of employee representatives of the Call Center Sector, a group that has been established and consolidated for more than a year now. The training consisted of preparing young people to be the future unionists in the Call Center Sector. They were informed through numerous training and discussions on their labor rights, legal framework, and trade union activities in the protection of employee rights.

With the cooperation of the Albanian Post-Telecom Workers Union (SPPT), young people will be trained in how to become future trade unionists. They will become part of the SPPT's different activities to see what it means to be in practice a Syndicalist.

Some of the issues that took place in the training were: what are the trade unions, their role in society, how we can become part of the trade union and the importance of collective organization. Trade union organizations and employers' organizations are independent social organizations that are created as voluntary unions of employees or employers whose purpose is to represent and protect the economic, professional and social rights and interests of their members.

This training was conducted by Together for Life Association in the framework of the project "Strengthening the Social Mobility for Labor Rights in the Call Center Sector", with the support of the Olof Palme International Center- Albania Program and with funds from the Embassy of Sweden in Tirana in Tirana).

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