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The outrage of Hematology Service, smuggled drugs risk patients’ lives

Denisa Canameti, Xhovana Kodra, gazeta “Shëndet+” (Click here for Albanian Version) Hematology is a unique service for Albania. In this department at Mother Teresa University Hospital Center there are at least 300 new cases of patients suffering from malign diseases each year. The systematic drugs’ absence which are smuggled or purchased by patients is the…
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THE OUTRAGE/Sick patients sent from Reanimation immediately to their homes

Denisa Canameti, “Shëndet+” newspaper (Kliko këtu për versionin shqip) Patients at Mother Teresa University Hospital Center (QSUT) are sent home immediately after they leave Reanimation Department, despite their need for further recovery in the hospital. Such behavior not only is against the law but also jeopardizes patients’ lives. Head of Reanimation Service, Ilir Ohri, agrees…
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Cancer patients increase, state drug budget decreases

The number of people affected by cancer is growing to alarming figures. Indeed, according to the doctors, cancer will soon become the major cause of death in Albania, surpassing cardio-vascular diseases which are at first place for the moment. Despite the alarm, cancer patients are suffering due to lack of proper treatment and medicines, because…
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