Accidents at work, inspectorate lacks capacities monitoring

It could be described as one of the worst events of August, the accident of 5 employees of a construction company, 2 of whom lost their lives.

The reason for the event was the immediate detachment of the holding structure, with all 5 employees falling from height. The collapse of the scaffolding that caused the deaths of 2 employees is not the only case of casualties from work accidents. Chief Inspector of Labor Inspectorate Mr. Arben Seferaj said that in the first six months of this year, 25 people were killed in accidents at work, a very high figure for a country aspiring to become an EU member. In relation to the grave event, Mr. Seferaj said that no inspections have been carried out in this company since 2016, as the Labor Inspectorate does not have sufficient inspection personnel.

CLR's Center for Work Rights also reacted to this serious event, saying that:“This event with tragic consequences once again highlights a very sharp problem, the lack of enforcement of technical safety rules at work, especially in difficult sectors of the economy, including the construction sector.”

Through this material, the Association "Together for Life", based on information published by the State Labor Inspectorate, brings to the attention what is considered an accident at work or because of work, and what are the ways of notification in case of an accident at work.
This supplement was implemented by the Association "Together for Life", within the project "Social Mobilization for Work Rights", supported by the Olof Palme International Center- Albania Programme

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