Together for Life, with the support of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, has conducted an analysis to better understand the Public - Private Partnership contracts under implementation in the health care system in Albania. In the recent years these partnerships, have been contracts with considerable budgets with the objective to improve health care services for the Albanians.

However, little is known about the monitoring mechanisms of such contracts, and as a result of the efficiency and the benefits in improving health care services. To have a general understanding of the situation, Together for Life has conducted the following:

  • An analysis of perception and understandings of the PPP with participation of all interested stakeholders;
  • An analysis of the current information of the PPPs implemented or under implementation in the health care system.

The document prepared by Together for Life, presents findings and recommendations from both analyses which may be useful for a better understanding of the health system in Albania, and the reasons behind the PPP contracts. Some considerations are important also to know what can be improved in the future if GOA will continue to use PPPs as a tool to finance the health care. Although the analysis includes only PPPs in the health care system, some of the considerations can serve as a reference for other sectors too.

If more information is needed in regard, please don’t hesitate to contact Together for Life.

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